Pottery Etc to unveil community mural in honor of COVID 19 / Earth Day

Many other hand painted images have been added to the attached pictures

In these extremely uneasy and unsure times, a small, locally owned business would like to present an uplifting mural to the community. “Like most of our community, we too are struggling. With no $20K loan and no PPP, we are just living off our savings,” says owner Troy Lesovsky. “However, I am a positive person; I always see the silver lining. I want to help others see it too.”

The mural will be unveiled on Earth Day, April 22. Every year, the fountain, pottery, and statuary warehouse holds an Earth Day event, which typically include pizza made on-site, live music, and “free pot” (although some visitors are disappointed to find out it is a terra cotta pot, everyone leaves happy). This year, amid the covid-19 safety requirements, Pottery Etc will not be able to hold its annual Earth Day celebration, so Lesovsky decided to take the money he usually spends on the party, and invest it into a community mural with a positive message.

The mural is located outside of the business, at 7441 Canoga Ave. The resident artist, Mardy DeSanto, will be available for interviews on Wednesday, April 22, from 7-11am.

A great idea might be to fly over with your helicopter, as this is a very big, colorful mural, best experienced from above.

We offer the largest warehouse selection of planters, fountains, and statuary in the area, with guaranteed lowest prices. We’ve also been offering special discounts to the military and first responders since 1994.

Our address is 7441 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91303, and can be reached at 818-704-0741. Troy Lesovsky can be reached directly at 818-383-3398

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