When renowned 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino, the Official Artist for AHRC New York City‘s 70th Anniversary, was creating a piece for AHRC NYC’s anniversary, he knew precisely what to do. The piece would not only reflect the abilities of the people AHRC NYC supports, but also the city which the organization serves.

Fazzino’s “Big Apple” is surrounded by autobiographical paintings by AHRC NYC self-taught artists who participate in ArTech, an art studio in an AHRC NYC Bronx day program. Fazzino’s piece recognizes AHRC NYC’s 70 Years of Realizing Potential.


Charles Fazzino’s Big Apple surronded by art created by AHRC NYC artists.

It makes me feel very happy to have my work featured next to Charles Fazzino’s,” said Cory Tyler, an ArTech artist.

A Thrill for Artists with Disabilities 
“It was thrilling for the ArTech artists to see their autobiographical paintings integrated in Charles Fazzino’s dynamic piece,” said Pola Mora, Assistant Transition Developer for AHRC NYC’s Adult Day Services. “They were so excited.”

Fazzino’s artworks are exhibited in hundreds of museums and galleries in more than twenty different countries.

Charles Fazzino is unequivocally the master of pop art and we are thrilled that he has committed his time and talent to be the Official Artist of the AHRC NYC 70th Anniversary,” said Marco Damiani, CEO of AHRC NYC.

A 1948 Classified Ad Still Changing Lives 
AHRC NYC’s beginning dates back to July 9, 1948, when a mother, Ann Greenberg, placed a six-line classified ad in the New York Post. It literally changed lives. Greenberg, whose son Jerry had developmental delays, placed the ad which read: “To mothers of retarded children, ages, 4-8: Are you interested in helping to start a day nursery for your children?” She received 10 responses. But within a year, through word of mouth and a few brief newspaper articles, hundreds of families joined. The ad was just a beginning for Greenberg, who was determined to help children with disabilities and their families. It was the foundation for one of New York City’s largest organizations supporting children and adults with intellectual and other disabilities — AHRC New York City.

The AHRC artists featured in Fazzino’s piece are: teaching artist Ben GranoffJayson VallesJames Tillary collaboration with Anton SpivackCory TylerMonique WillamsAntony FergusonJeffrey HollowayShanice Valez and Carlos Encarnacion VazquezGisella MontalvoCarlos SotomayorDiana VarelaKevin Jones , Wayne Anderson, Jeremy Gonzalez,  Carol Fields, and teaching artist Carlos Encarnacion Vazquez.

An Honor for Fazzino
“I am very honored to have been selected as Official Artist for the AHRC NYC’s 70th Anniversary,” Fazzino said from his New Rochelle, N.Y., studio. “AHRC NYC does amazing work for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. I am thrilled that my commemorative artwork will benefit the organization.”

Contact: Dylan Wattondylan.watton@ahrcnyc.org

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