c u r r e n t   s h o w   a t   t h e   g a l l e r y

L E E   J I N   W O O
>   18. 05. 2019 

Exceptional opening on the national holiday Wednesday May 1st from 12pm to 7pm

Deposits of time, emotion, colour and light, the artist’s works bring together strata of Hanji paper – thin, semi-transparent – and layers of wood charcoal – a matter made lighter by the burning process. Sometimes pigments, especially blues, are added.

Lee Jin Woo builds a space and time, a world of light; a universe where even storms and breezes are noiseless. In front of these rectangles and squares of matter, both rustic and refined, dense and mute, an original universal manifests itself.

Just like the eponymous little flower, yellow and with a discrete perfume, Eranthis announces spring, the beginning of a new cycle. Storms will settle, earth will open to let young shoots emerge, colour will unfold. Little by little, light will penetrate the cavities of the rock.

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B E N T E   S K J Ø T T G A A R D
Look at me!
>   26. 07. 2019

Madoura – Lieu d’art, d’histoire et de création
Rue Suzanne et Georges Ramié – 06220 Vallauris – France
Curator: Yves Peltier 

Invited to present her latest work at Madoura, a place of art, history and creation, Bente Skjøttgaard, a Danish artist, makes us take part, through this exhibition, in an ecological consideration, where drama sneakily hides behind marvelling at matters and shapes. The object of our fascination is a pelagic comb jelly: the Mnemiopsis leidyi. Invasive, both predatory and destructive, it never ceases to seduce us. The Black Sea, among others, a naturally biodiversified environment bore the cost. Present in the ballast water of ships, expelled when arrived at destination, it slowly invaded, dominated and impoverished the local ecosystem. The title LOOK AT ME! has the ring of an invitation. We are puzzled by what oddly also resembles an order. This invite shows the colorful, formal and hypnotic seduction of the subject, this famous jelly comb, which attraction potential wants to make us forget the reality of a dramatic situation. With this injunction, this alert, Bente Skjøttgaard increases our awareness to also be cautious and to modify our behaviours. […]
excerpt from a text by Yves Peltier

text by Yves Peltier (in French)

.    View from Bente Skjøttgaard’s current show « Look at me ! » at Madoura, Vallauris (France)

I N T R I G U I N G   U N C E R T A I N T I E S
with the participation of  P E T E R   M A R T E N S E N
>   21. 10. 2019

The Parkview Museum Beijing

L10, D Tower, Parkview Green – No.9  Dongdaqiao Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing – China
Curator: Lorand Hegyi 

[…] The realm of darkness, chaos and fear is part of our anthropological reality and it is the artist’s role to disclose these hidden forces. The artist, through his radical imagination, elaborates disturbing and destabilizing improbabilities that reflect and shed light on the complexity of human existential experience and character. These uncertainties and improbabilities have the power to liberate the viewer’s imagination and invite the viewer to engage more readily with art on an emotional and intellectual level. […]
excerpt from the pressrelease.