G A L E R I E M A R I A L U N D , c u r r e n t l y a t t h e g a l l e r y

N I C O L A I   H O W A L T   &   E S B E N   K L E M A N N

de travers
photo – sculpture – installation

07. 11. 2017 – 06. 01. 2018


Nicolai Howalt practices a concrete abstraction, an enlarged reality that most often starts with elements of nature to seize less visible dimensions of our existence. Esben Klemann questions matters and forms in a fun and innovative approach – going against established concepts. With de travers Nicolai Howalt and Esben Klemann wanted to make their respective fascinations dialog together, while challenging each other, by turning the common artistic practices upside down. Thus, Howalt the photographer took possession of the floor while Klemann the sculptor took the walls and the empty space: the stoneware “grids” subtly respond to the photographs of frail weavings, works of an invisible moth. A monumental sculpture in situ establishes a connection while forcing a distance, and the observation of a Sulphur crystal declined in 12 photo variations – the result of chance and a chemical reaction –  is somewhat reminiscent of an alchemist’s dream. To be continued…

 Nicolai Howalt | Light break in CMYK | UV print on four sheets of glass (cyan,
magenta, yellow and black) | 75 x 60 cm | 2017

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