[DOOSAN Gallery Seoul] Gwangsoo Park’s Solo Exhibition “CRACK”

DOOSAN Gallery Seoul proudly presents Crack, a solo exhibition by Gwangsoo Park, from Oct 18 through Nov 18, 2017. A recipient of the 2016 DOOSAN Artist Award, Park mainly works in painting, animation and installation works which explore repetitions of black lines and contemplate on temporality and ways of perceiving the subject.
For Park, drawing is a type of a map of uncertainty. His imagination, interspersed with such uncertainties, is actualized with the minimal medium of pencil and paper, but the use of such limited material actually functions as a mechanism which sheds more light on the subject being expressed. At first, Park focused on delivering his imagination in the most objective and complete way, but this focus gradually shifted to the subject of depiction itself. And in this process, Park naturally began to reflect on the lines that express the subject, as well as the lines that he deemed as mistakes. Park began to draw, remaining faithful to his subject, with a pen the artist made himself with a wooden stick and sponge in order to overcome the limitations of the physical scale of the lines. The handmade pen, which delivers the subtlest trembling of the body, brings the body and the drawing in a close contact, while effectively capturing fleeting moments and their sense of desperation. The repetition of the same subject and lines delivers breath-like reverberation to a seemingly still image. This is appropriately demonstrated in the exhibitions that presented the repetitive drawings such as Man on Pillow (2012) and A Bit More Darker Forest (2016), and Darkest Wind, Bonfire and Drum Sound (2015) which presented the animation videos of such drawings.
The works in this exhibition are a continuation of the previous works Dark Forest and A Man Disappeared in a Forest, which reflect the artist’s interest in the ways a figure disappears in the image. The title of the exhibition Crack is a metaphorical expression of such interest of the artist. Through the new works, Park draws an analogy between the ideas of crumbling and falling apart with the sense of flow in time, aging, and expiration. He expresses this through the emerging and disappearing of figures and landscapes in the drawings, through the infinite conglomeration and variations of light and shade of the black lines. A process of the artist’s understanding of reality and drawn world, the new works in the exhibition demonstrate his exquisite technique in the images with profound volume and multi-layered depth.
Gwangsoo Park (b. 1984) received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Fine Arts from Seoul National University of Science and Technology. He held solo exhibitions at Kumho Museum of Art (2016, Seoul, Korea), Shinhan Gallery Kwanghwamun (2015, Seoul, Korea), KunstDoc Gallery (2014, Seoul, Korea), Insa Art Space (2012, Seoul, Korea), and Gallery b’ONE (2011, Seoul, Korea). He also participated in group exhibitions including Kumho Museum of Art (2017, Seoul, Korea), Gallery Planet (2017, Seoul, Korea), Arario Gallery Seoul (2016, Seoul, Korea), Hapjungjigu (2016, Seoul, Korea), HITE Collection (2016, Seoul, Korea), DOOSAN Gallery Seoul (2016, Seoul, Korea), Seoul Museum of Art (2015, Seoul, Korea), Common Center (2014, Seoul, Korea), Sungkok Art Museum (2013, Seoul, Korea), and wumin art center (2012, Cheongju, Korea).

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