Wuzhen Launching Wuzhen International Project of Future Visual Arts

The Wuzhen International Project of Future Visual Arts, co-organized by Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd., Weta Workshop from New Zealand and 421 Studio from Beijing and launched on December 13, 2016, at the North Silk Factory in Wuzhen, China, is presenting Weta Workshop’s more than 20 years of works and the world of Dr. Grordborts through May 31, 2017.

The project gathers distinguished visual effects creators, producers and influencers from movie and gaming industry including Sir Richard Leslie Taylor, filmmaker and co-founder of Weta Workshop, are focusing on development and innovation of future visual arts and the interaction models of film, television, internet and games.

The Wuzhen International Project of Future Visual Arts presents Weta Workshop’s more than 20 years of works


The retrospect exhibition, Past 20 Years of Weta Workshop, provides insight into this world’s top special effect team. Ten large showcases of Weta Workshop transported from New Zealand demonstrate the workshop’s sculptures, workspace and production process of special effects.

The integral image of the world of Dr. Grordborts, on the other hand, is unfolding a new adventure in virtual cosmos where audiences will have a close encounter with a groundbreaking work that overturns the concept of producing games. The rising fantasy concept demonstrates a peculiar world view.

Meanwhile, the “Wuzhen International Design Competition of Future Visual Concept Arts” and “Wuzhen International Fund Project of Future Visual Arts” were also launched to look for emerging talents of future visual arts fields and to establish an incubation base for visual arts, special effects and TV & film technologies.

Chen Yu, executive president of Wuzhen International Project of Future Visual Arts, noted that the project aims to build an integrated platform for pioneering works, technology, resources and collaborations in future visual arts to encourage the sharing knowledge and technology in the industry and to seek diverse development of future visual arts from a global perspective.

About Wuzhen

1.5 hour drive from Shanghai and one of the top vacation spots in China, Wuzhen is a water town praised for its profound cultural heritages. In addition to the well-preserved traditional art and landscapes back to 1300 years ago, Wuzhen is also dedicated to introducing modern cultural and art exhibitions and events including Wuzhen Theatre Festival and Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition to promote international cultural exchange and communications.

SOURCE Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd.

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